lundi 3 novembre 2014

Granny square plaids

Everything started a few years ago...

I wanted a plaid but couldn't find one in the colours I liked.
So I started to look what I could easily make my self.

I love the patchwork ones but this needed to be patient and to sit down at the stitching table.

So I opted for the crochet.

Since then, my mum has a great one, my sister-in-law has one, her daughter has a cute one and even the cat, Calina has one...

A few weeks ago even some friends asked me to make one for them.
So I decided to share them with you.

this is the one I starde for myself: in acrylic - rainbow colors. it's not finished yet.... :

And a few weeks ago, friends ask me to go with them to a fair and try to sell some of what I made.

So why not... It could be fun.

But I thought it would also the moment to start the blog of my plaids.... ;)

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